Earls Tyson’s Corner (Virginia / D.C.)

  • Shattered Light
  • Earls Boston Geometric Light
  • Shattered Light - Mosaic Geometric Light

Earls Tyson’s Corner Custom Lighting Installation

Earls Tyson’s Corner – Fixture F17

Four specific custom lighting projects were designed and built for the Earls Tyson’s Corner Restaurant in Virginia, DC>

The main piece was the Custom Lighting Installation in the Dining Room.  Approximately 14ft x 28ft in size, fifteen (x15) random geometric shapes were suspended from a custom mill work ceiling.  Each light was suspended at varying elevations creating a visually captivating display.

Custom Bar Lighting – Fixture F21A and F21B

In the bar, two large fixtures were designed using custom socket housings, custom glass diffusers and LED bulb illumination.


Earls Tyson's Corner (Virginia / D.C.)

This was a dynamic project that included pendants suspended from 33-foot and 27-foot custom canopies, custom brass wall sconces, Four exterior luminaires and a jaw-dropping geometric light feature.

These lights were designed collaboratively by the Earls design team, Karice, and a local lighting designer. This project was done on a very short and tight deadline, and required meticulous precision. We had all our drawings engineer stamped and then provided to the client for all hanging details light fixtures. Once the shop drawings were approved, Karice went to work to craft the amazing lights that can be viewed at Earls Tyson's Corner in Virginia (just outside Washington, D.C.).

For the main light feature, a custom lighting installation in the dining room (a similar piece to the Geometric Light we built for Earls Assembly Row in Boston), we used a special Karice-designed extruded aluminum channel.

The images here are only allude to the presence this light gives in its new home. The final installation consists of fifteen geometric lights, spanning 28-feet by 14-feet. Each light is illuminated with energy efficient LEDs. It is truly breathtaking.

For the hanging pendants, custom machined socket covers had to be designed and developed to allow the mounting of the LED bulbs and to utilize the custom glass diffusers. Grooves had to be machined on the inside and outside of the socket covers of the glass diffusers. This provided extra glue hold as the diffusers had to be epoxied into their respective metal socket covers.