Earls Tyson’s Corner (Virginia / D.C.)

  • Shattered Light

Lighting was a collaborative effort in 2014 between a local lighting designer, Earl’s Design team and Karice Enterprises Ltd.

Working together with the Earl’s design team and a local lighting designer in 2014, Karice helped refine and realize this light in the face of site-specific and budgetary constraints.

Earls Tyson’s Corner Custom Lighting Installation

Earls Tyson’s Corner – Fixture F17

Four specific custom lighting projects were designed and built for the Earls Tyson’s Corner Restaurant in Virginia, DC>

The main piece was the Custom Lighting Installation in the Dining Room.  Approximately 14ft x 28ft in size, fifteen (x15) random geometric shapes were suspended from a custom mill work ceiling.  Each light was suspended at varying elevations creating a visually captivating display.

Custom Bar Lighting – Fixture F21A and F21B

In the bar, two large fixtures were designed using custom socket housings, custom glass diffusers and LED bulb illumination.

Custom Genuine Brass Wall Sconces were made.

Custom Outdoor light fixtures on the Outdoor Patio.